OCDE Project    GLAD®    

Guided Language Acquisition Design

OCDE Project GLAD® is:
  • a rigorous professional development model
  • a collection of research based effective classroom strategies
  • an integrated approach
  • a support for language acquisition
  • a key to developing proficiency in grade level content standards

  1. "This training was an answer to my prayers! I teach at a low income school with 2/3 of my students bilingual. I will start immediately!" 
  2. "I think this training should be mandated for all teaching candidates!" 
  3. "This was the best training I've taken in my 30 years of teaching..."
  4. "I learned a tremendous amount regarding language development and ways to increase language learning in my classroom." 
  5. "The trainers were fabulous and watching you in action was invaluable. Very organized! Thank you!" 
  6. "This helped me tremendously with keeping all students engaged in learning, and given me ideas to scaffold learning for my ELLs" 
2-Day Research & Theory Workshop
4-5 day Classroom Demonstration and Collabortive Planning
The 2-Day Theory and Research workshop provides an overview of the theoretical and research base of the OCDE Project GLAD® model, an introduction to the strategies, connections to 21st century learning and a heightened sense of cultural awareness.

Throughout the process, participants gain exposure to strategies within OCDE Project GLAD® that promote academic literacy and success for all students. ​​
During this week-long demonstration in a classroom, teachers see the strategies in action. Throughout the week, one trainer models an entire 4-6 week unit worth of strategies with students. Simultaneously, another trainer interacts with teachers in the back of the classroom, coaching them through what they are seeing.

Afternoons are spent in debriefing and collegial planning and preparation to equip teachers for immediate implementation in the classroom. 

Project GLAD Follow Up
Tier II & Agency Trainer Consulting

The highest level of executive transfer occurs in professional development opportunities where there is ongoing support, feedback, and coaching within the unique context of each teacher's classroom.

  • collaborative classroom visits
  • lesson planning
  • content-specific implementation
  • meta-coaching intensives
  • administrator training and walkthroughs
  • strategic planning for systemic implementation 
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Advanced Trainer Training