Meet The Team

The Strategic Steps team involves a committed group of educators with various areas of expertise and experience. Depending on the needs of the client, different individuals may be called upon to provide the highest level of training and support available.For trainings specifically related to OCDE Project GLAD®, this will include only those individuals who have attained Tier IV consultant status and are among the top trainers in the field.  

Strategic Steps Consulting/Training Team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."  Phil Jackson

Dr. Sara Martinez

Lead Consultant
Strategic Steps was formed as a subdivision of Martinez Consulting as part of the expanding work of Dr. Martinez. An educator for over 20 years, Sara has worked with individuals from preschool through mature adulthood. ​​

Strategic Steps was a natural outcome of her extensive experience and background in education combined with her intercultural doctoral work and experience in leadership development and change dynamics. As a teacher, mentor, consultant, speaker, and lifelong learner, Sara maintains a commitment to excellence in the field.
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Kate Lindholm

Consultant/ Trainer
Kate Lindholm is a lead consultant with Strategic Steps. She has been in the field of education for 22 years specializing in working with with English Language Learners, higher level questioning/assessments, CCSS/NGSS/TPEP integration, science, and consulting/training teachers.

As both a Tier IV OCDE Project GLAD® consultant and part of WA state committee for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), she is on the cutting edge of helping teachers connect NGSS with CCSS, TPEP, and OCDE Project GLAD®. Kate also serves as the North Central ESD STEM Specialist.

Jody Bader

Jody recently served as the lead trainer in a rigorous experimental research study on the efficacy of the OCDE Project GLAD® instructional model, funded by a federal grant from IES. She has trained thousands of teachers in districts nationwide and abroad. Equipped with an ESL endorsement and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Jody now works as a Tier IV OCDE Project GLAD® consultant, educational consultant and founder of ESL Consulting Services, Inc. and trainer with Strategic Steps.

Deb Knox

Deb brings a wealth of experience and skills to Strategic Steps. having served as a teacher, instructional coach and administrator, Deb understands the "big picture" and what systems and structures need to be in place to create an environment for success. Specializing in a systematic approach, RTI, TPEP and assessments, she brings a leadership voice to our trainings and a wealth of support for administrators, leadership teams, and support staff.

Heather Craggs

Heather has immersed herself in early childhood education for over 21 years, focusing on kindergarten for 19 of those years. With a master's degree in curriculum instruction and years applying that in the kindergarten classroom, Heather knows the realities and uniqueness of the kinder classroom and how to make learning meaningful for all students, especially English Language Learners.  Ms. Craggs currently consults through OCDE Project GLAD®, Oasis Consulting and Strategic Steps.